PD Nuggets: Time Management Tips

  Personal development is an important factor that can help everyone achieve his or her goals. It allows us to effortlessly interact with people and easily work with them. In line with our company’s continuous desire for improvement, PD (Personal Development) Nuggets will feature topics that will help us become better individuals.  

Pronunciation Tips: Contractions

Do you want to improve your pronunciation? (영어 발음을 잘하고 싶나요?) Check out this video by Speak More Clearly for some tips. (이 비디오를 보세요.)  

Language Tips: How to start a conversation

  Do you want to keep on improving your English speaking skills? (영어 말하기 스킬을 늘리고 싶나요?) Check out this video by JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)  to know the different ways on how to start a conversation  (이 비디오를 보세요.)

Team News: Team Mars’s Team Building

  Last Friday, Team Mars had their Team Building at Almanza, Las Piňas. The whole team prepared delicious meals and fun games. Manager Jin, Manager Ethel Austria, SM Ethen Ahn and CM Kris Yoon came to show their support to Team Mars. Check out some of the photos from their Team Building.  

Korean Culture: KCC’s Korean Film Festival 2017

  Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines will be holding it’s annual Korean film festival in September and October. Check out this post to find out more about KCC’s Korean film festival 2017  

Accent Training Homework-Day 5

Here are the homework videos for Day 5 of Accent Training.  Please watch all the videos before the training on August 18 (Friday).