Douzone Henyo 2017

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DOUZONE HENYOThe battle of the brightest teams continues! Douzone Henyo 2017 will be held again this August 24, 2017. The winning team will win 1,000php and the runner up will win 500php.  Check this out for the game mechanics.







1. All teams are eligible to join (including non-TM teams).

2. Each team will be represented by 2 members.

3. A team that will have a Korean representative will automatically get 1 point.

4. One representative will guess the words/phrases and the other will respond to the guesser.

5. They will be given strictly 2 minutes only to guess the word/ phrase. The timer will automatically start after the word/phrase is seen.

6. All players must speak in English when asking or answering questions.

7. Speaking in Filipino or Korean is prohibited. (5 seconds will be added to the total time for every Filipino or Korean word that they will say)

8. The one who will respond must only answer YES, NO or MAYBE. Other responses are prohibited. (5 seconds will be added to the total time for every inappropriate response)

9. The teams with the highest score (with the least total time) will win.

10. 3 or 4 judges will be chosen from different departments.







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