Grammar Tips (문법 팁): Their, There and They’re

books-on-a-table-2127064_960_720 (1)Confused among their, there and they’re? 이 혼동 되나요??  Check this out to find out the proper use of  their, there and they’re. 적절한 사용법을 알아 보기 위해 아래의 글을 확인하세요


books-on-a-table-2127064_960_720 (1)

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E Learn English Language listed the differences of  their, there and they’re:


(a) Their

Their is the third person plural possessive adjective, it is used to describe something as belonging to someone (them). Their is nearly always followed by a noun.

Ex: Their books are on the table.


(b) There

There has several different uses:

1. Adverb that means the opposite of “here”

Ex: He’s over there

2. Pronoun that introduces a noun or clause.

Ex: There is something strange going on.


3. Adjective that emphasizes which person.

Ex: That guy there seems to be in trouble.


4. Noun that means “that place.”

Ex: From there, we drove to Boston.


(c) They’re

They’re is the contraction of “they are” and is often followed by the present participle (verb form ending in -ing).

Ex: They’re going to be late.


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