KClub Movie Fest: OKJA

Check out KClub’s featured movie of the week. It will surely make you laugh and appreciate life.

Douzon Don Prize Survey

The highest Douzon Don earners will receive their prizes soon! Please help us prepare the gifts and prizes by participating in this short survey. 

Grammar Tips: Their, There and They’re

Confused among their, there and they’re? 이 혼동 되나요??  Check this out to find out the proper use of  their, there and they’re. 적절한 사용법을 알아 보기 위해 아래의 글을 확인하세요  

Team News: Team Arden’s July Top Performers

Team Arden had their July Top Performer awarding during their team building at Avida Residences Sta. Catalina last Saturday. Check out Team Arden’s top performers for July.