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LS Refresher 48: put up vs put on

survey-2316468_960_720Mcmillan Dictionary [] gave the following rules  that will help us learn how to use put up and put on properly





a. put on

-to cover a part of your body with a piece of clothing or jewelry so that you are wearing it

-to spread a cream, liquid, powder, or other substance on your skin

-put something on someone/something to cause something to affect someone or something


1. Dorothy put on her coat and went out.

2. Melanie was putting on her makeup in front of the mirror.

3. I feel that too much responsibility is put on teachers.

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b. put up 

-to build something such as a wall, fence, or house

– to fix a picture or notice onto an upright structure such as awall

-to fix a shelf or cupboard onto a wall


1. Grants were available to help with the cost of putting up new schoolbuildings.

2.She put up a notice about the school trip to Italy.

3. She put up some bookshelves in the study.


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