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LS Refresher 45: Phrasal Verbs Using “Fall and Put”

zWhen talking to native speakers, you might come across idiomatic phrases consisting of a verb and an adverb or another verb. Such idiomatic phrases are called phrasal verbs. Here are some of them and their meanings.


fall apart – break up, come apart, or disintegrate

fall down – fall to the ground

fall out -(of hair, teeth) become loose and unattached

fall off – become smaller or lower

man,crazy man by aungkarns


put somebody down – insult, make somebody feel stupid

put something out- extinguish

put off – postpone

put something together – assemble

put somebody on – to try to persuade someone that something is true when it is not, usually as a joke

For more info on phrasal verbs, please click here.

To take the quiz, please click here.

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