LS Refresher 44: Phrasal Verbs Using The Word, Break

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zWhen talking to  native speakers,  you might come across idiomatic phrases consisting of  a verb and an adverb or another verb. Such idiomatic phrases are called phrasal verbs. Here are some of them and their meanings.

break something in – to wear something several times so that it won’t feel new and uncomfortable to use.

Sample sentence: The bride is breaking her wedding shoes in.

Manic Bride by GDJ


break out into something – to turn into a skin condition

Sample sentence: We thought it was just a simple insect bite but it broke out in a skin allergy.

Sick man logo by Schade


break into something – to enter by force

The policeman had to break into building to arrest the robber.

The Thief by cyberscooty


Other phrasal verbs:

Break away – to leave something.
Break down – to become very upset.
Break off – to break a piece from something.
Break out of – to escape from somewhere.
Break through – to pass through a barrier.
Break up – to finish a romantic relationship with someone.


For more info on phrasal verbs, please click here.

To take the quiz, please click here.



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