FYI: New Anti-Distracted Driving Law Q & A

7Republic Act 10913, more known as the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, was enforced by LTO last May 18 and as a result almost 300 violators have been arrested last Saturday (May 20). Check this out to  know more about this new law.

CNN Philippines posted some clarifications given  by Atty. Lizada on this new law.

Q: Where can we put our dashcams?

Dashcams may be placed behind the rear-view mirror on top of the middle portion of the dashboard near the windshield. But Lizada reminded that if the dashcam has a display monitor viewable by the driver, the dash cam must be turned off.

Q: Where can we put our GPS devices and cellphones?

The LTFRB spokesperson said that GPS devices and cellphones may be placed below or at the same level of the dashboard, but not above the dashboard.

Q: Can motorcycles mount navigational devices or phones?

No. Only dash cams are allowed to be mounted on motorcycles.

Q: What if I’m stuck in traffic? Am I not allowed to look at my devices?

No. Lizada said that even in traffic situations, no driver is allowed to hold and use phones to text, call, or view movies.

Q: What accessories are allowed to be placed on my dashboard?

Accessories such as stuff toys, figurines, blocking the driver’s field of view are prohibited under the joint administrative order of the LTO and LTFRB issued three years ago.

For more information on this topic, please click here.


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