Course Refreshers

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We all know that certain skills and knowledge fade with time because we don’t use them or need them. Sometimes, we also need to keep pace with new techniques, procedures, and processes. Here are some refreshers  that will help you retain existing skills and keep  you updated on our courses.


Inglish Courses

  1. Inglish

  2. Phone Inglish

  3. Business Plus

  4. Impact Issues

  5. OPIC

  6. Premium Talking

  7. OSR

  8. Inglishtime

  9. Junior Superior Course

  10. Essay Management

  11. New TOIEC Speaking Course

  12. Back Pack (ESL)

  13. Policy Adherence Reminders Quiz 

  14. Easy Pattern 240 Quiz

  15. Inglish Level Test (ILT)

  16. Job Interview & Teacher Interview Courses

  17. Legal English & SPA Quiz

Business Partner Courses

  1. Global Intabiz (GIB)

  2. YBM

  3. GIB Skype

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