Essay Assessment Refresher 1

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Question: When do we put a correction under Sentence Structure and when do we put it under Inappropriate Words?

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Answer: It’s under Sentence Structure if you are inserting or replacing some words, but retaining one word from the original set. Even if the remaining word is just an article or a preposition, the correction will fall under Sentence Structure.  It’s under Inappropriate Words if you are replacing all the words, regardless of the length of the phrase or sentence.

Examples of Corrections Under Sentence Structure

1. I also call 117. (inserting)

also:  would also

2. Maltes is character vivacity, (replacing)

Maltes is character vivacity,: The Maltese is vivacious.

Examples of Corrections Under Inappropriate Words

1. Sentence: He was fart timing. (part of a sentence)

part timing: working part time

2. Sentence: Monkey is giant. (whole sentence)

Monkey is giant: Monkeys are big.

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