Pronunciation Tips:Pronunciation Tips: Commonly Mispronounced English By Non-Native Speakers

Loud Megaphone (Details) by qubodupHere’s a list of  the most commonly mispronounced English words by foreigners. Check this out to know if you are pronouncing them correctly. 여기 외국인들이 가장 많이 발음을 틀리는 단어 목록이 있습니다. 단어들을 올바르게 발음하는 방법을 알고 있는지 확인해봅시다.

Loud Megaphone (Details) by qubodup


aegis/ee-jis/ – protection; support  Listen (듣다)

prescription/pri-skrip-shuh n/ – a direction, usually written, by the physician to the pharmacist for the preparation and use of a medicine or remedy. Listen (듣다)

nuptial/nuhp-shuh l, -chuh l/ – of or relating to marriage or the marriage ceremony Listen (듣다)

larvae/lahr-vee/ – plural of larva – Listen (듣다)

chimera/ki-meeruh, kahy-/ – a horrible or unreal creature of the imagination Listen (듣다)

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