PM’s 2016 Best Teacher: Recognized

dAs part of our effort to continuously  strive for excellence, PM’s Best Teacher of 2016 was recognized last Wednesday. Attendance, QA scores, and positive IRs were considered in choosing the best among the PM teachers of Duzon. PM Sup. Ethel Austria spearheaded the project. Check this out to know who was chosen as the best PM Teacher.


The runners-up were also recognized during the awarding ceremony.


From left to right: Teacher Kyle, Teacher Kissy, Teacher Ellen, Teacher Hope, Teacher Ronald, Teacher Jean, Teacher Chyle, Teacher Judith, Teacher Lene, and Teacher Riza.

Congratulations to all the awardees and thanks to Sup. Ethel for sponsoring the gift of our PM’s Best Teacher.

May we never falter in our resolution to continuously strive for excellence.

Bravo  Duzon!

Note: This project will be continued this year. To know more about it and its mechanics, please use the link below:

\\openfiler2\\Blog posting\2017\Feb\17\BT

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