LS Refresher 21: Non-Count Nouns (Plural)

zEveryday, we will post an LS refresher video .  Check out today’s refresher video  and please don’t forget to answer the short quiz after.

What is the plural form of thunder? Thunders or thunder? According to Chompchomp website (, “when you want to indicate number with a non-count word, … can put “of” in front of the non-count word—for example, of thunder—and then attach the resulting prepositional phrase to an appropriate count word.” Below are some of the examples that were given by Chimpchomp website.

tango weather storm by warszawianka


pieces of advice

claps of thunder

puffs of smoke

yards of cloth

To know more about non-count nouns,  please click here.

To watch the short LS video, please use the link below:

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Please click here to take the short quiz.

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