LS Refresher 20:Indirect Questions

zEveryday, we will post an LS refresher video .  Check out today’s refresher video  and please don’t forget to answer the short quiz after.

When asking indirect questions, where do we put is and are? Espressoenglish website ( stated that “In indirect questions with is/are, the verb (is/are) comes after the subject.”.


Do you know what time is it? – wrong

Do you know what time it is? – correct

Direct question: What time is it?

BPM Time Symbol by


Also, Espressoenglish identified the following as some of the  common phrases that we use when asking indirect questions.

  • Could you tell me…
  • Do you know…
  • I was wondering…
  • Do you have any idea…
  • I’d like to know…
  • Would it be possible…
  • Is there any chance…

To know more about indirect questions,  please click here.

To watch the short LS video, please use the link below:

\\openfiler2\\Blog posting\2017\Feb\9\LR

Please click here to take the short quiz.

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