Korean Words, Phrases, and Sentences

11Want to learn some basic Korean expressions that you can use when talking to your students? Check this out.



1.  Are you okay?

괜찮아요? (kwaenchanhayo?)

– Korean


2.  Have you been well?

잘 있었어요? (jal isseosseoyo?)


– English

3. How are you feeling today?

오늘은 기분이 어떼요? (oneureun kibuni eoddeyo?)



4. How’s the weather today?

오늘 날씨는 어떼요? (oneul nalssineun eoddeyo?)

– Korean

– English

5.  Are you hungry?

배 고파요? (bae gopayo?)


– English

6. Are you sleepy?

졸려요? (jollyeoyo?)

– Korean

– English

Credits to CM Lars for doing the Korean recordings.

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