Language Tips: Theater Vocabulary

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Cinema by Merlin2525Do you know the meaning of parquet, mezzanine, and balcony? Check this out.

Cinema by Merlin2525
Parquet/pahr-key/ – the part of the main floor of a theater, opera house, etc., that is between the musicians’ area and the parterre or rear division or, especially in the U.S., the entire floor space for spectators.
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Mezzanine/mezuh-neen/ – he lowest balcony or forward part of such a balcony in a theater.
Balcony /bal-kuh-nee/ -the upstairs seats in a theater, concert hall, or auditorium.
Orchestra/awr-kuh-struh/ -the part of a theater where the orchestra plays, typically in front of the stage and on a lower level than the audience.

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