Vocabulary Tips: Eating Vocabulary

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Man eating pancakes by liftarn

What word do you use to say that you want  to take food  into your mouth and swallow it for nourishment? The most common answer will be the word, “eat”. Do you know that there are a lot of words that you can use other than “eat”?  The word, “eat” is quiet general. To be more specific on how one eats , you need to use other words.

englishlive.ef.com listed some words that can help you widen your eating vocabulary.

Man eating pancakes by liftarn


gobble up  -It means to eat a large amount of food quickly. Ex. You  gobbled up most of the food. How could you?

scoff – It means to eat voraciously (exceedingly eager) and greedily. Ex. He liked the food you gave us. He just scoffed it  after you left. He didn’t even allow me to taste it.

choked down – This means to eat something, even though it is hard to swallow or it tastes bad. Ex: She was so hungry, she choked down the food  all at once.

nibble -This means to eat or chew in small bites. Ex. I will give you a sandwich to nibble on.

pig out -This means to eat too much of something. Ex. I intend to really pig out on ice cream.

gorge – This means to eat greedily. Ex. Don’t gorge yourself with those sweets. We will eat lunch soon.

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