Language Tips: Commonly Used Idiomatic Expressions

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56Knowing and using commonly used idiomatic expressions will make you sound like a native speaker, and help you fit in with most situations. Here are some commonly used idiomatic expressions that you might want to consider using in your daily conversations.

When pigs fly – something that will never happen

Punk pig by PeterM


Let the cat out of the bag . – to accidentally reveal a secret.

Yellow Tiger Cat(four legs) by version2


To cut corners – to do something badly or cheaply.

RPG map graphite border 1 by nicubunu


To hit the nail on the head  – to describe exactly what is causing a situation or problem.

Hammer and Nails by SnarkHunter


Up in the air – things are uncertain or unsure; definite plans have not been made yet.

Floating island scene by anarres


(To be) Under the weather – one could be feeling a little sick.

November calendar page: Weather-proofing by Moini


For more idiomatic expressions please click here and here.

source 1

source 2

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