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PHILVOLCS: West Valley fault line is expected to move .

The West Valley Fault line, which runs from Sierra Madre Range up to Tagaytay,  is being monitored now by PHILVOLCS. According to Phivolcs Deputy Director Bartolome Bautista, this fault line moves every 200 to 400 years. At present, it has been 200 years since it last moved. According to Director Bautista, this fault line is already “ripe for movement”, only, no one can accurately predict the exact date when it will happen.

The West Valley Fault Line


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    • Hello, Miss Nanette we tried our best looking for an updated image of the West Valley Fault Line. We already replaced the image with the best one we could find. Kindly right click the image and choose open image in a new tab to a better view. Thank you! 🙂

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